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Explore Sibiu: An Exquisite Journey Through Time in the Heart of Transylvania

A Vibrant City Immersed in History and Culture
A Vibrant City Immersed in History and Culture

Cradled in the vibrant bosom of Transylvania, Romania, Sibiu is a charismatic city that breathes life into history. This inviting city offers a perfect symbiosis of age-old traditions and modernity, global culture, and exotic diversity.

Sun-kissed, panoramic shot of Sibiu's pastel-hued buildings captured on a DSLR camera

When is the Best Time to Visit?

Sibiu is welcoming all year round, with each season offering a unique spectacle. However, the city truly unfurls its vibrant spirit during the summer months of May through August. It dances to the rhythm of cultural festivals and reverberates with outdoor activities, transforming into a pulsating hub of energy and excitement.

How to Reach Sibiu

The journey to Sibiu is a delightful experience in itself. The city is well-connected via road, rail, and air. The Sibiu International Airport offers frequent flights from all major European cities. If your adventure begins within Romania, traverse through picturesque landscapes via an economical and scenic train or bus ride.


From rustic guesthouses imbued with Sibiu’s history in the Old Town to chic, contemporary hotels equipped with all modern amenities, Sibiu offers a plethora of accommodations to suit every budget and preference.

An elegant snapshot of a cozy hotel room bathed in morning light captured with a soft-focus setting on a DSLR camera

Activities & Attractions

Soak in the Culture

Step back in time and immerse yourself in Sibiu’s rich cultural tapestry. Visit the Brukenthal National Museum, one of the oldest museums in Europe, or the expansive ASTRA Museum, which chronicles Romanian rural life. The medieval fortifications offer a remarkable insight into Sibiu’s strategic importance in the past.

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Embrace the Great Outdoors

If your heart beats for adventure, Sibiu will not disappoint. Hiking in the magnificent Cindrel Mountains, biking along the enchanting trails in Dumbrava Forest, or simply a leisurely stroll around the city offer unforgettable experiences.

An energizing snapshot of a group hiking in the mystical Cindrel Mountains during the golden hour, captured using a GoPro camera


Sibiu is a hedonistic haven for food enthusiasts. From mouth-watering local delicacies like Mămăligă, a cornmeal dish, and Sarmale, stuffed cabbage rolls, served in traditional Romanian restaurants, to a wide array of international cuisines, every meal is a culinary treat.

An enticing portrait of a traditional Romanian dish, captured in the soft morning light using a shallow focus setting on a DSLR camera

Must-Visit Sights

No visit to Sibiu is complete without exploring its iconic landmarks. The Council Tower offers panoramic views of the city, while the Bridge of Lies whispers tales of local folklore. The old squares, with their cobblestone paths and medieval architecture, are perfect for leisurely strolls.

If time permits, a day trip to the fortified Saxon churches in the surrounding villages offers an insight into the region’s rich religious and architectural history.

A mesmerizing snapshot of the Council Tower, taken during the golden hour with a deep focus setting on a DSLR camera


Sibiu’s nightlife is as diverse as the city itself. From quaint, quiet bars to pulsating clubs and live music venues, Sibiu offers a myriad of ways to unwind and enjoy.

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A vibrant night shot of Sibiu's bustling nightlife street, captured with a night vision camera


Shopping in Sibiu offers a unique blend of local and global. The local markets offer artisanal souvenirs, traditional crafts, and homely treats, whereas the high-end shopping malls cater to the luxury-loving fashionistas.

A bustling shot of a lively local market in the afternoon, captured with a defocused setting on a DSLR camera

Money Matters

Romania’s official currency is the Leu (RON). While credit cards are widely accepted, and ATMs readily available, it’s essential to carry some cash for smaller shops or older establishments that operate traditionally.

Travel Tips

To enhance your Sibiu experience, keeping in mind a few basic Romanian phrases, respecting local customs, and making the most of the city’s excellent public transportation network can benefit you.


Sibiu’s public transportation network is efficient, with trams, buses, taxis, and bike rental services readily available. However, the city’s compact center is best explored on foot, allowing for impromptu detours and surprises.

A dreamy haze photo of a tram passing through the Old Town at sunset, captured with a DSLR camera

Sibiu, with its irresistible charm, rich history, and warm hospitality, is not just a city to visit, but a city to experience, to immerse oneself in, and to remember long after you’ve left. The beautiful city of Sibiu, with its open arms and hearts, eagerly awaits your arrival!

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