Exploring Hawalli Governorate

A blend of modernity and tradition in Kuwait
A blend of modernity and tradition in Kuwait

As an avid globetrotter, I’ve always been drawn to the thrill of discovering new cultures, landscapes, and flavors. One city that has mesmerizingly captured my heart is the Hawalli Governorate, a vibrant heart of Kuwait. It’s a unique blend of modernity and tradition, bustling city life and serene desert landscapes, all nestled by the breathtaking Kuwait Bay. Come, join me on my unforgettable journey, and let’s explore together this enchanting Kuwaiti city!

Why Hawalli Governorate?

Upon landing in Hawalli Governorate, the city’s harmonious blend of old and new caught my eye. A world where sparkling skyscrapers are silhouetted against the serene desert backdrop, where traditional souks coexist with modern shopping destinations. It’s a city of contrast and harmonious balance, promising an exhilarating cultural adventure.This captivating photograph captures the breathtaking beauty of a cityscape at dusk. From a bird's eye view, viewers are treated to an enchanting blend of contemporary skyscrapers and timeless architectural marvels, creating an exquisite tapestry of old and new. The picture-perfect moment is elevated by the glistening Kuwait Bay stretching languidly in the background, adding depth and serenity to the scene. As daylight slowly fades, the sky showcases a stunning transition from golden hues to the gentle embrace of twilight. Skillfully shot on a DSLR camera with deep focus, every intricate detail is impeccably preserved, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in this mesmerizing metropolitan panorama.

When to Go?

Hawalli Governorate truly comes alive in the cooler months between November and March. This period offers a pleasant climate, perfect for wandering the city streets or indulging in outdoor activities without the discomfort of scorching heat.

Where to Stay?

Luxurious five-star hotels with stunning city views, cozy guesthouses echoing Kuwaiti hospitality – Hawalli Governorate has it all. Staying in the city center, I had an array of attractions and dining options right at my doorstep.This visually stunning photograph captures the opulence and sophistication of a grand hotel room, boasting magnificent views of a bustling city through expansive windows. Bathed in the gentle glow of the afternoon sun, the lavish interior design and furnishings are beautifully accentuated. Captured with a DSLR camera, the photograph features a shallow focus, allowing the viewer to truly immerse themselves in the exquisite details of this elegant sanctuary.

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What to Do?

  • Immerse Yourself in Culture: Discover the beautiful Grand Mosque, a wonder of Islamic architecture, and visit the Tareq Rajab Museum, home to a wealth of artifacts that narrate Kuwait’s rich history.This stunning photograph captures the exquisite beauty of the Grand Mosque with its intricate Islamic design. Taken during mid-morning, the ornate facade shines brightly against the backdrop of clear blue skies. The white and gold exterior of the mosque stands out elegantly, emphasizing its grandeur. The deep focus setting chosen by the photographer adds depth and captures every detail, making this shot a truly captivating visual masterpiece.
  • Dive into Adventure: The Marina Crescent is a hub for water sports lovers. Try paddleboarding, jet skiing or dive into the Kuwait Bay’s crystal-clear waters for an unforgettable snorkeling experience.This picturesque scene captures the exhilarating action of a group of people zooming across the pristine azure waters of Kuwait Bay on jet skis. Against the backdrop of the lively Marina Crescent, the golden hour lighting adds a touch of magic to the scene, perfectly encapsulating the excitement and thrill of the moment. Shot with a DSLR, this image is a visual delight that transports viewers to the heart of the action.
  • Wander Through Traditional Souks: Al-Kout Market is a bustling haven of aromatic spices, traditional garments, and mouthwatering local delicacies.This image captures the vibrant and bustling atmosphere of Al-Kout Market, with its colorful stalls showcasing an assortment of goods and spices. Taken in the late afternoon, the photograph exudes the market's lively ambiance. The use of a DSLR with a deep focus setting ensures every detail is sharp and clear, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the scene.
  • Explore the Desert: Experience the thrill of a desert safari tour, with dune bashing and serene sunset views. Or, indulge in stargazing under the clear desert night sky.This breathtaking photograph captures the magnificence of a desert sunset, featuring a dune bashing vehicle gracefully carving its way through the sandy terrain. The image beautifully showcases the vehicle as it kicks up a mesmerizing trail of sand, perfectly contrasted against the backdrop of the enchanting golden dusk sky. This captivating shot was expertly captured on a DSLR camera using a deep focus setting, enhancing every intricate detail of this stunning desert scene.
  • Discover Kuwaiti Architecture: Marvel at modern architectural wonders like the Kuwait Towers or explore the maze-like alleys of Old Kuwait City.This stunning photograph captures the majestic Kuwait Towers in all their illuminated glory, proudly standing tall amidst the backdrop of a captivating starry night sky. The vibrant lights of the towers are beautifully mirrored in the serene waters of the bay, creating a mesmerizing reflection. Taken with a DSLR camera and utilizing a deep focus setting, every intricate detail of this enchanting night scene comes to life.

Where to Eat?

From delicious street food to high-end restaurants, the culinary scene in Hawalli Governorate caters to every palate. Make sure to try traditional dishes like machboos, or sample the flavorful grilled seafood at local eateries.This captivating close-up photograph showcases a plate of Machboos, a delectable Kuwaiti specialty comprised of flavorful spiced rice and luscious meat. Taken at a bustling local eatery during lunchtime, the image beautifully accentuates the dish's vibrant hues and enticing textures. Shot with a DSLR camera employing a soft focus setting, this picture exudes an alluring and appetizing aura.

Sights and Tours

  1. Kuwait Towers: Enjoy the panoramic views of the city from these iconic landmarks.Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Kuwait's skyline as the sun sets, casting a mesmerizing glow over the city. This stunning photograph, taken with a DSLR camera, captures the picturesque view from the top of the iconic Kuwait Towers. With a deep focus setting, every intricate detail of the sprawling cityscape comes to life, while the twinkling city lights create a magical atmosphere during the enchanting blue hour.
  2. Liberation Tower: Take an elevator ride to the top of this telecommunications tower for a bird’s eye view of the city.This breathtaking aerial photograph, taken during a serene mid-morning from atop the iconic Liberation Tower, offers a mesmerizing glimpse of the cityscape. The image effortlessly captures the seamless blending of modern and traditional architecture that defines the city's unique character. Immersed in vivid details, the photograph was skillfully taken using a DSLR camera with a deep focus setting, ensuring every element of the enchanting scene is impeccably clear and sharp.
  3. Failaka Island: For archaeology enthusiasts, a day trip to this island is a must.Get ready to be transported to the mesmerizing Failaka Island as you embark on a cinematic journey through ancient ruins. Filmed during the enchanting golden hour, this visually striking shot offers a unique perspective from a low angle, intensifying the allure and enigma surrounding these historical remnants. Created with the depth and clarity of a DSLR camera set to deep focus, prepare to be captivated by the beauty and intrigue of these extraordinary ruins.
  4. Scientific Center: Get up close with marine life at this educational center.This captivating image taken at the Scientific Center's Aquarium with a GoPro camera, showcases the awe-inspiring beauty of the underwater world. The vibrant and diverse marine life is perfectly captured, evoking a sense of wonder and excitement. The shallow focus setting enhances the details, making this underwater shot truly mesmerizing.
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Hawalli Governorate offers a vibrant nightlife, with numerous bars, lounges, and clubs. Whether you’re a fan of live music, dance, or simply looking for a refreshing drink, this city has it all.This vivid image showcases the vibrant energy of a bustling nightclub in Hawalli. The photograph depicts a lively crowd of partygoers engrossed in energetic dancing, with the DJ delivering pulsating beats that fill the air. Bathed in a mesmerizing array of colorful lights, the scene exudes a dynamic and electrifying atmosphere. The shot, taken at night with a DSLR camera, incorporates a blur setting to enhance the party ambiance, creating an immersive experience for the viewer.


If you’re a shopaholic, you’ll love Hawalli Governorate’s grand shopping malls. You can find everything, from luxury brands to local handicrafts, to feed your retail cravings.This visually stunning shot captures the vibrant energy of a bustling multi-story shopping mall. Bathed in natural light streaming through its skylights, the mall's modern infrastructure is showcased in all its spacious glory. The soft focus setting adds a touch of elegance, making this image a true delight for the eyes.

Teeming with culture, history, and adventure, the enchanting city of Hawalli Governorate has a unique charm that lingers in my heart. Every alley, every market, every vista in this city has a story to tell, a memory to cherish. I hope my journey inspires you to embark on your own adventure, letting Hawalli weave its magic and etch an indelible impression on your heart. So, step out of your comfort zone, embrace the unknown, and let the vibrant spirit of Hawalli take your breath away.

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